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What are DVD advertising indicators? Are they really that important? Almost everyone available world already knows about scorecards and key performance indicators. They have presently become a significant tool in assessing the productivity and efficiency of any business enterprise. Scorecards have been also used to measure productivity and efficiency in the non-business sector. Just quite recently, the popularity of DVDs has opened the introduction and use of this type of scorecard.

DVD advertising is now viewed as an alternative to CD advertising. That is because of the recent shift in market trend from CDs to DVDs. Although both advertising techniques are almost similar in nature, DVD advertising has many significant differences in terms of cost and popularity. The price of DVD advertising is much higher in comparison to CD or cinema advertising per contact. This is mainly due to the fact that DVDs use very advanced technology - technology that is still quite expensive. Even though the DVD is quite expensive in comparison to cinema and CDs, people worldwide still would rather watch their entertainment movies on their DVD players. In recent years, there has been a shift in preference in america market alone. digital cinema of those other whole world is following aswell.

Most advertisers would find it very easy to advertise DVDs. It is because the caliber of DVD is globally renowned. Nevertheless, these folks still

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