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Technology in future

Technology in future

We are able to see the students mentioned in Youngs, 2004 dis-like tech because of their experience along with it was not satisfactory, after outlining those posts. In other provisions, a group of college pupils dis-like tech they also desire additional teaching or as some teachers aren't aware about tech use. As , some students are disappointed because they feel when they are not correctly qualified to utilize the technological instruments, that instructors midsection their period. The others cautioned that the simple fact some educators experienced PowerPoint demonstrations that were not meaningful or they would read anything they composed and add no extra comments. Those examples are termed"bad instruction (Young, 2004) and they truly are infact dreadful examples which teachers must follow because technology isn't intended to simply help educators perform minimum job or to adopt poor instruction techniques. Somme students relevant that teachers used power-point so they telephone it PowerPoint abuse.

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