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Distance From Helsinki To Olkiluoto

Distance From Helsinki To Olkiluoto

Local newspapers normally have the current floor temperatures, and a map of the surface temperatures may also be discovered from the Environment Ministry web site. During the warmest weeks, late at evening or early within the morning the water can feel fairly pleasant when the air temperature is lower than the water's. Most towns even have swimming halls with slightly warmer water, but these are often closed in the course of the summer time.
The regular full ticket value is about €60–100, which includes a camp site where you'll be able to sleep, eat and meet different pageant visitors. The atmosphere at festivals is nice and possibly you will find new friends there. Of course drinking lots of beer is part of the expertise. During the brief summer season you can swim, canoe, row or sail in the lakes or in the sea. The water is at its warmest around 20 July, with temperatures about 20 °C (68 °F).
After you've had your fill, you can cool off by heading outside, simply to take a seat on the veranda, for a roll in the snow or for a dip in the lake — and then head again in for one more spherical. Repeat this a couple of times, then cork open a chilly beer, roast a sausage over a hearth, and luxuriate in complete leisure Finnish style. Enter the sauna nude after having a shower, as carrying a bathing go well with or any other clothes is taken into account a little bit of a fake pas, though if you're feeling shy, you can wrap yourself in a shower towel. Public saunas in swimming halls and spas are typically segregated by gender. There may be a separate combined sauna with exits to each men's and women's showers, useful for e.g. couples or households; entry to the incorrect facet is to be averted.
In locations with a single sauna, there are usually separate shifts for men and women, and probably a mixed-gender shift. Children under the age of 7 can usually take part in any shift. In non-public saunas the host often organizes the showering turns alongside related strains.
There are also many festivals of classical music, most of them in summer time. At these festivals people gather only for particular person concerts. Most of the festivals final 2–four days and are very well organized, with many various bands taking part in, with e.g. Foo Fighters and Linkin Park headlining at Provinssirock in 2008.
Helsinki there are northern lights about once a month, but you are prone to be somewhere with too much mild pollution. In the winter in northern Lapland, then again, the probability of some northern lights is 50–70 % every night with clear skies, and lightweight pollution is sort of simple to avoid there. Finland's biggest sci-fi conference and the only major sci-fi convention in the world to be completely free of charge. Info on traveling

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