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10 Of The World'S Scariest Bridges

10 Of The World'S Scariest Bridges

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Single-arched Rialto Bridge was in-built 1591 underneath the oversight of the architect Antonio da Ponte whose controversial non-Romanesque proposal outperformed even these of well-known Michelangelo. Rialto Bridge spans the Grand Canal of Venice, connecting the center of town and the famous Rialto Markets on the same place where old and unreliable wood pontoon bridges served the Venice for hundreds of years. London Tower Bridge is among the most iconic buildings of this old city. Set on the river Thames and constructed with a combinations of suspension and bascule elements, the defining feature of this bridge are two monumental towers connected by two parallel walkways.
During early years of its historical past, this bridge was famously generally known as “Tower of London,” named by the royal jail that was positioned within the towers. The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the strait between San Francisco and Marin County to the north. The masterwork of architect Joseph B. Strauss, whose statue graces the southern remark deck, the bridge took seven years to build, and was completed in 1937.
The famous purple-orange colour of the bridge was specifically chosen to make the bridge more easily visible by way of the thick fog that frequently shrouds the bridge. Stretching over 60 meters throughout the Linxi River, the gorgeous covered bridge sits on 5 stone columns each topped with wooden, pagoda-type pavilions. Interestingly, it was built without using a single nail or rivet, with all beams and planks held collectively by dovetail joints as a substitute. At one end of the Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, guests will discover an engraved poem by Chinese writer Guo Moruo, who was enchanted by the construction after first seeing it in the mid-Sixties.
Referred to because the Jiaxing-Shaoxing Sea Bridge or Jiashao Bridge this structure is the longest and widest multi pylon cable stayed bridge on the planet. It is supported by six pylons, every 745 feet in length, and the bridge can accommodate eight lanes of traffic.
The Golden Gate Bridge was the longest suspension bridge span on the planet when it was accomplished, and has turn out to be one of the well-liked tourist points of interest in San Francisco and California. Since its completion, the span size has been surpassed by eight other bridges.
Located in Iwakuni, Japan, the Kintaikyo Bridge is one of the metropolis’s most well-known landmarks. Unlike many other bridges, the Kintaikyo Bridge is made of wooden. Five picket arches rest on stone pillars that cross the Nishiki River. The Kintaikyo Bridge is commonly captured in pictures with stunning cherry blossoms that bloom over the river in the spring.

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