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Hurghada Travel Money

Hurghada Travel Money

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Snorkelling In Hurghada

Governor Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha himself ultimately stated he thought the dumping of sheep carcasses during the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha on sixteen November was the most likely clarification. In places like Uepi Island and Mary Island you possibly can wade off shore to seek out beautiful reefs filled with sea life similar to large eagle rays, sharks, barracuda and batfish. Snorkelers come head to head with fish and coral in each course whereas swimming the waters of this archipelago, which is made up of 50,000 square kilometers of islands and water. About 1.700 tour boats navigate these waters, as well as trading ships that cross the Suez Canal.
after the lethal sharks assaults in sharm, the press in Europe has turn into quite on this subject. In reality, these days, how severe is the shark danger in hurghada? I was in hurghada/soma bay/el gouna/makadi bay a number of time in the past. I am a bit hesitant to guide my subsequent trip in november in hurghada not understanding the actual shark downside. Even in and around hurghada it appears that evidently their presence has a lot increased these days.
The NGO Hepca carried out at least 1.200 markers in several diving areas to avoid the use of coral-destroying anchors, Shawky says. He provides that there's still a lot to do, similar to decreasing the size of dive

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