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Hurghada « Scuba Diving Reviews

Hurghada « Scuba Diving Reviews

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For diving Hurghada, temperatures peak at 27-28°C throughout July to September. After these months the temperatures slide slightly down from 27-25°C in October and November. They continue their downward journey from December to February, plummeting from 25-22°C. After the annual lows of February, things begin to warm up again to 22-26°C between March and June.
With so many divers flocking to Hurghada, the dive centres have become one-stop-outlets offering completely every little thing a diver may ever need – from training programs to liveaboard journeys together with accommodation. The last of the easily accessible wreck dives at Abu Nuhas is called Kimon M, a one hundred twenty meter long German cargo ship laid to relaxation in 1978 that's now house to a number of different pipefish species. The northern Red Sea is slightly cooler than the southern part.
The determination, technically, is up to the immigration officer on the day, but extremely unlikely that European guests might be denied entry. The southernmost resort in the Egyptian Red Sea, Hamata is the last word in get away from all of it diving, within pristine reef techniques which have been relatively undived. This unimaginable variety of marine life is coupled with a tremendous underwater topography of dramatic partitions, drop-offs, wrecks and deep blue canyons. Hanging on

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