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Keri, Greece

Keri, Greece

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You can hire a car or motorbike to maneuver round Tsilivi, go to the seashore and the surrounding areas or use the native bus, which performs daily shuttles. Tsilivi presents a great variety of taverns, restaurants and grill-homes positioned at the centre as well as seaside taverns and eating places with tasty conventional and international delicacies. Furthermore many taverns combine the normal native cuisine with stay music and Greek conventional dances.
Here yow will discover scuba diving schools, offering scuba diving classes in the superb ocean backside. An necessary landmark isKeri Lighthouse, a tremendous wild beauty landscape on the edge of a steep rock, about 300 meters above the sea. Here you can watch the breathtaking sunset or observe the Myzithres, two white tall rocks emerging from the ocean, named after the cheese Myzithra as a result of their form that resembles this cheese. Close to Keri Lighthouse the biggest flag on the earth with a flagpole 50 meters excessive, licensed by the Guinness Book of World data in 2007 can be found. The conventional mountainside village is unquestionably worth a visit, as the stone houses survived the damaging earthquake of 1953, and are actually a great pattern of the local structure.

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