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What To Wear In Vietnam

What To Wear In Vietnam

Places To Visit When You Go To Vietnam

In the central space, close to Danang & Hue, it is dry but very popular from January into late summer season (August-ish), and rainy from the summer until December. In the south across the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh, it's hot and dry in winter months, and scorching and moist in summer time months.
Also, many of the islands will need to have a large amount of meals and supplies shipped to them, inflicting greater costs of food at restaurants, in addition to greater taxi prices and a rise in the worth of souvenirs. In the north similar to close to Hanoi, summer season months are warmer and have extra precipitation, whereas winter months are dryer and cooler.


Vietnamese therapeutic massage is usually influenced by Chinese strategies of therapy however has evolved to be distinctive in that it really focuses on kneading and understanding the knots within the muscle tissue. By distinction, Thai therapeutic massage use lots of muscle movement, stretching, and shifting limbs. There are therapeutic massage parlors with scantily clad ladies eyeing potentials clients as they walk by.

Is Christmas a good time to visit Vietnam?

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