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The Originality Of Distressed Furniture

The Originality Of Distressed Furniture

The term lathed implies the tree log has been put through a process which strips it of its bark and suffices down to a uniform, cone shaped, log. A log not lathed will still have actually the bark connected to the log. It will likewise come in various sizes and shapes. Lathed log furniture is more consistent and traditional, while not lathed log furniture is more rustic and characteristic. Cedar and Pine logs are typically lathed, while Aspen is normally left natural. Both are great options for furniture, depending upon your individual preference on how rustic you would like to go.

A countrykitchen area is incomplete without wood. Cabinets, shelves, coffee tables, chairs, and floor covering are generallymade from wood. Whether distressed or not, wood must be natural-looking. Cabinets made of oak, maple, pine or knotty alder, in tones of tan and yellow, is the focal point of a country rustic coffee tables kitchen. There mayalso be open cupboards or racks where pots and earthen ware can be stored. A hand painted rackmounted on the wall can likewise be used to display antique plates and containers.

Dark oaks look much heavier so may not be appropriate in a little room. Light oaks create an atmosphere of light and space. Light oak furnishings also has a more trendy and modern appearance.
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