tr?id=254124144985944&ev=PageView&noscript=1 mercury powder for cleaning defaced black money 9
mercury powder for cleaning defaced black money 9

mercury powder for cleaning defaced black money 9

Ssd Answer Chemical And Activation Powder For Cleansing Black Money And Deface Financial Institution Note

The victim can not take away the trunk, or any notes, since he is knowledgeable that the taxes have not been paid, however once the notes are "washed", it will be straightforward to pay the taxes and there might be cash left over. The sufferer is persuaded that he should purchase the chemical to clean the notes, and of course the chemical cleaning fluid is "very expensive". Sometimes the fraudsters will set up a website purporting to be a vendor of the cleaning fluid, which clearly has such a novel and unusual name that it can not be found wherever else. This adds to the credibility of the story and the victim may even contact the web site instantly to buy the fluid, allowing the conmen yet one more probability to con the victim.

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