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dcp distribution

dcp distribution

Film Distribution is the final frontier in the film production process. Many
filmmakers begin production on their film without giving any thought to film
distribution. That is why, many independent films never start to see the light of day, and
investors never get paid back.
One method to practice responsible film making, would be to have a film distribution plan in
place before you begin actual production. To start with, consider the type of film you
are making (feature film, short film, documentary) and whether or not your film has
a chance of getting released into movie theaters, on television, or on DVD. This is
not the time to lie to yourself! Check out the films out there (in movie theaters,
on tv, and in video stores), and do an honest assessment of where your independent
film fits in industry.

Next, consider all the exciting distribution opportunities open to filmmakers
today. Your film didn't get yourself a distribution deal at Sundance Film Festival? No sweat!
You can actually release your film into the theaters yourself. Want to have your film
released on DVD however the distribution companies aren't paying you any attention?
Again, you can get the work done yourself. Want to hire dcp delivery to
develop worldwide sales projections for the film so as to go raise money
based on future sales of your film? There are compa

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