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Traditional Chinese Medicine Examined

Traditional Chinese Medicine Examined

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Thai massage or simply Thai massage is an ancient therapeutic method combining acupuncture, Indian Ayurvedic methods, and several specifically designed assisted relaxation postures. The theory of Shen-line (aka Yang Lines) was applied as"Thai massage" In accordance with this theory, energy-lines are like"web-like" projections through which different types of life experiences take place. As an example, a headache felt at one stage through the massage corresponds to another point in the body because of the existence of an energy area corresponding to this specific point.

The objective of Thais traditional Thai massage therapy is to ease the union between the physical body and the energy throughout the whole body. This objective is achieved by applying specific pressure points on certain areas of the body that balances the energy throughout the entire system. To execute a Thai massage, you'd require a minimal stretch along with a company yet comfortable stretch. You would also need to have enough awareness to enable the body's natural flexibility to react to the extending.

In traditional Thai massage, there is thought to be a link between the several glands and organs in the body and the psychological changes experienced during life. Therefore, stress is thought to be eliminated through the use of the hands and the misuse

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