tr?id=254124144985944&ev=PageView&noscript=1 No Holds Barred - The Joker Seven Book Review
No Holds Barred - The Joker Seven Book Review

No Holds Barred - The Joker Seven Book Review

In the last issues of the Joker Seven series, written by Greg Pak, plenty of the character's past is revealed. We learn that he was in the military, but that he stopped because he could not face the problems in his head. We also see how he uses his powers for personal gain and how he ends up in the role of mentor to an underachieving young woman. He wants to make her a star and she ends up falling in love with him.

In recent issues we see more of Joker's associates. Two members of the Joker Club appear. The first is obsessed with death (he has a stake through his heart) and the second is obsessed with money. Neither is necessarily evil, just different parts of a fantastic person going bad. They come into conflict when they learn that Joker Seven has killed another of the group members.

The dynamic between these two is superb. It makes you feel for both of them and it brings the characters to a true believable level. As a fan, I wanted to know what happened to them and what could happen to Joker Seven. I truly wanted to feel for Joker Seven and what he was going through. This is when the writer made the biggest step towards developing the character.

Instead of just throw out some names and have Joker go from bad guy to good guy, the authors created more to support these concepts. Rather than having Joker killing his enemies, he begins doing good things. He ends up saving the woman he was in love with and he ends up teaching her a thing or tw

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