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Farming The Pai Cow

Farming The Pai Cow

Pai cow is Orangutani cows of South Australia that is widely known for its quality milk and meat. It is said to have originated from the Great Barrier Reef of South Australia. It is considered as a sign of resilience, good fortune, fertility and luck and many believe it to be the strongest creature they could own. Today, the Pai cow is raised for meat and milk in Australia. While there are several different kinds of this Australian cattle breed, they all have something in common: Their meat is great!

The best time to produce this white-colored milk is during summer and spring. And though other sorts of cows produce less than it, this variety still ranks very high. In terms of the quality of the milk, it's just like the quality of the meat. It's excellent vitamins, minerals, enzymes and hormones.

So how can this South Australian superhero come to be on the market? There are many theories behind this. One theory is that the Pai cow was developed by accident. Before attempting to sell it as a brand, ranchers found it ill and abandoned it in a field, but as it healed, it began to produce good milk which led to this famous South Australian brand.

But one thing is apparent - No legitimate farmer would raise a sick cow. It's said that the dairy industry in Australia is worth AUS 10 billion (USD 7 million) annually. This makes milk a very lucrative commodity and makes merit the primary reason farmers market it to consumers.

The major se

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