tr?id=254124144985944&ev=PageView&noscript=1 A Guide to Gambling For Gamers - Steve Dent's PDF Files
A Guide to Gambling For Gamers - Steve Dent's PDF Files

A Guide to Gambling For Gamers - Steve Dent's PDF Files

A story of greed, deceit, greed, power, deception, and murder unfold between a powerful mafia boss and a newly bankrupt casino as they compete over a casino empire. The stakes are high: not only do they have to defeat each other to gain control of the casino they secretly own, but the results of the battle is going to have an effect on their business and their lives. When the tables start to turn, 1 person's life is changed forever. This book is a fast read with tons of action.

"Joker Seven: The Making of America's Most Prosperous Casino" tells the story of James Bond's top casino-boss enemy, J in Strasser. This is the first Bond book I've read, but it was well worth the investment. Rich with details and terrific character development, this is the sort of book you'll put down and pick up again to read later, because it keeps you entertained from beginning to end. In a nutshell, this is a must-read for all fans of casino games and gaming machines.

James Bond is a master of the casino games and the game concept behind them. He sets the scene in Mumblerock, Poland where he visits a world-renowned casino to win the largest jackpot in history. The huge amount of money involved, the speed where the jackpot can be won (at least for now), and the fact that there are no real odds involved - these components combine to produce the world of casino games exciting and incredibly appealing to enthusiasts of gaming systems and statistics. J ivin, however, is also a m

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